Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

HDD Docking

  • Makes a great gift for the digital media lover who needs more storage space
  • Helps you instantly add a hard drive to your system for expansion or backup purposes
  • Backing up your valuable data or moving information from one computer to another has never been easier. Simplify your life, save time and money with this valuable new computer add-on product.
  • SATA HDD's are the cheapest (per GB) and fastest storage medium available today. For the price you would pay for a 64GB USB flash drive you can buy this model and a 500GB SATA HDD, providing almost 10x as much space for the same price!
  • Vertical USB slots with wide insertion space for large sized USB devices like thumb drives
  • SATA dual slot hard drive docking station
  • Quickly and easily back up your valuable data
  • Makes for instant HDD installation
  • Memory card reader (SD/CF/MMC/MS/TF/SIM/USB/and more...)
  • A great gift for the digital media lover

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